We collaborate globally to make industrial 5G a success.

Welcome to 5G-ACIA!

5G-ACIA is the central global forum for shaping 5G in the industrial domain. On one platform, various industries from all over the world jointly create a new ICT and OT ecosystem and set the frameworks for a highly attractive emerging market.

“5G-ACIA is a unique alliance to ensure the ICT needs of the automation industry are considered. It will foster developing a 5G technology that addresses industrial requirements, and ultimately building an adequate business model.”

Dr. Afif Osseiran (Ericsson), Vice-Chairman of 5G-ACIA

"5G will become the central nervous system of the Factory of the Future and will have a disruptive impact on industrial production"

Dr. Andreas Müller (Bosch), Chairman of 5G-ACIA


Using Digital Twins to Integrate 5G into Production Networks

This white paper provides an overview of how industrial 5G supports the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts. One important aspect is integrating 5G into Industry 4.0 by defining 5G Asset Administration Shell (AAS). Integrating a 5G system into the factory of the future requires a suitable description of the 5G system based on AAS principles. In this paper various aspects are discussed and a model proposed for a structured description of the overall 5G network, including 5G UE (user equipment).

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Performance Testing of 5G Systems for Industrial Automation

5G wireless communication is key to the advancement of industrial automation (Industry 4.0), opening up entirely new possibilities. The successful roll-out of 5G in these scenarios will therefore require the advance stress testing of wireless communication performance under realistic conditions. This 5G-ACIA white paper seeks to show how this (stress) performance testing can be achieved.

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Exposure of 5G Capabilities for Connected Industries and Automation Applications (Version 2)

This white paper describes the functional requirements for exposing the capabilities of non-public 5G systems to connected industries and automation applications.

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Integration of 5G with Time-Sensitive Networking for Industrial Communications

New white paper “Integration of 5G with Time-Sensitive Networking for Industrial Communications”: This white paper describes and examines integration of 5G with TSN for typical industrial use cases, namely controller-to-controller, controller-to-device and device-to-compute communications.

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