March 30, 2021

Using Digital Twins to Integrate 5G into Production Networks

This white paper provides an overview of how industrial 5G supports the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts. One important aspect is integrating 5G into Industry 4.0 by defining 5G Asset Administration Shell(AAS). 

The concept of Asset Administration Shells is becoming a key building block for the factory of the future. These are about to be standardized within the scope of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and a new organization called “Industrial Digital Twin Association” is being established by ZVEI and VDMA to drive the implementation of AAS and its commercial success. 

Integrating a 5G system into the factory of the future requires a suitable description of the 5G system based on AAS principles. In this paper various aspects are discussed and a model proposed for a structured description of the overall 5G network, including 5G UE (user equipment). 

This paper also formulates tentative definitions of submodels and parameters/properties based on the currently valid 5G definitions of 3GPP.